2014 FIVB Men’s World Championship Preview – Pool D

I’m fast-tracking this one to get it out before the event starts. Don’t worry, the NCAA series will go on, even now that college season has begun. And a quick aside on that — I didn’t dive into match coverage right away the last two seasons, so I don’t think I will this year either. […]

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Beach Volleyball. Or, as one popular song says, “Greetings loved ones, let’s take a journey.” “I know a place, where the grass is really greener. Warm, wet and wild, there must be something in the water…… You could travel the world, but nothing comes close to the golden coast.”   From the song “California Gurls” by […]

Happy about Volleyball!

“Because I’m happy! Clap along if you know what happiness is to you. Because I’m happy! Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do.”  From the song “Happy” by Pharell Williams.  Grand View University sure ought to be “happy” after posting a 4 – 0 record in their own 2014 August Tournament […]

2014 FIVB Men’s World Championship Preview – Pool C

Last two’ll have to be clustered together a bit, as I procrastinated a little getting this one out. The good news is, by now rosters have been posted on the event’s official website (I’m kinda stunned it took so long, actually) so I won’t have to pull bios from sites on older events. Here’s the […]

AVCA Showcase and Big 10/Pac 12 Challenge

Volleyball  will  definitely “accentuate the positive” and “latch on to the affirmative” with two early events featuring top Women’s NCAA DI programs – the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) Showcase and the Big Ten/Pac 12 Volleyball Challenge. As the song says, “You’ve got to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative. Latch on to the affirmative.” […]

VB Questions (But Not Necessarily Answers)

“You’ve got all these great answers to all these great questions, Still I feel them passing me by. You’ve got all these great answers to all these great questions, Try to understand.” From the song “Questions and Answers” by Biffy Clyro.  Volleyball sure has an awful lot of questions associated with it, but sometimes the […]

2014 NCAA women’s volleyball preview (2/8)

Here’s part 2 of our NCAA preview series, with a look at the full series: Part 1 – (Sun Belt, Northeast, Southwestern Athletic, Summit) Part 2 – (Atlantic Sun, America East, Mid-Eastern Athletic, Metro Atlantic Athletic) Part 3 – (Big South, Big Sky, Horizon, Ohio Valley) Part 4 – (Missouri Valley, Atlantic 10, Colonial Athletic, […]

Eye of the Tiger (Preseason Rankings)

“It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the thrill of the fight. Rising up to the challenge of our rival. And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night. And he’s watching us all with the eye of the tiger.” Lyrics from the song “Eye of the Tiger” By Survivor.  Women’s Volleyball is […]

2014 FIVB Men’s World Championship Preview — Pool B

Here’s our second piece previewing the upcoming FIVB World Championship. Been incredibly busy at work this week, or I’d have liked to have had it out sooner. But, here we are. These are the teams in Pool B: Brazil Cuba Finland Germany South Korea Tunisia Let’s get to it. BRAZIL Current FIVB world ranking: 1st […]

VBFF (Volleyball Friends Forever)

“Thank you for being a friend, traveled down the road and back again, your heart is true, you’re a pal and a confidant.”  From the song “Thank You for Being a Friend” by Andrew Gold.  In club Volleyball, it seems like everyone knows everyone – or at least knows someone who knows that someone! The […]

More NAIA – Champions of Character

“We are the champions, my friends, and we’ll keep on fightin’ till the end. We are the champions, No time for losers, ‘Cause we are the champions of the world.” From the song “We Are the Champions” by Queen. Women’s college Volleyball teams (all 1,686 of them) begin their annual quest for a championship. We’ll […]

NAIA 2014 Women’s Overview

“So be true to your school now. Just like you would to your girl or guy. Be true to your school now. And let your colors fly. Be true to your school.” From the song “Be True to Your School” by the Beach Boys.” Just as the school year starts, Women’s Volleyball revs up and […]

2014 NCAA women’s volleyball preview (1/8)

It’s not just FIVB worlds that are fast approaching — the NCAA women’s season is also just around the corner. Rather than the (much too) overly-ambitious series I attempted last year, we’ll do it in 8 parts this year. And fair warning up front — it might spill into the regular season. But it’ll get […]

Topsy Turvy or As the Sports Turn

“To everything – turn, turn, turn. There is a season – turn, turn, turn. And a time to every purpose under heaven. A time to build up, a time to break down. A time to dance, a time to mourn. A time to cast away stones. A time to gather stones together.” From the song […]

Fathers and Sons in Volleball

“Every day I see a little more of my father in me. He’s in my eyes, my heart, my soul, my hands, my pride. And when I feel alone and I think I can’t go on I hear him sayin’ ‘Son you’ll be alright. Everything’s gonna be alright.’” From “Song for Dad” by Keith Urban. […]