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AVCA Publishes first Poll for DI Women

We’ve had about two weeks of women’s college volleyball, more or less, and there are no real surprises in this first poll for the Division I women. The one major change is that the USC Trojans, with a 0-3 start at home, dropped totally out of the Top 25.

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Sunday Quick Sets

It’s Sunday night and time for some Quick Sets, or a way to deliver some really cool volleyball items with devastating impact rapidly. A quick set, also known as a ”quick” or a “51” or a “one”, is an extremely fast-paced set 1’ to 2 ‘ above and near the net, when the hitter is […]

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2016 Women’s College Volleyball

I had an opportunity to watch the Longhorn Network today as Texas played TCU, and there in the “Up Ref” or R1 stand was referee extraordinaire Marty Prochko officiating the match. So, we know the 2016 women’s college volleyball season is upon us, and we are all eagerly awaiting the return of the game. Tonight […]

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Team USA Olympic Volleyball

Okay, it’s time to review Team USA and volleyball at the Olympics, the highs and the lows of this sixteen day run of fantastic volleyball coupled with the universal atmosphere of goodwill that somehow manages to permeate the games in spite of the evil and the nonsense in the world around us. Team USA, both […]

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Olympic Volleyball Draws to a Close

Sadly, the Olympic quadrennial has ended with the closing ceremonies of the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. That worldwide feeling of goodwill fostered by the Olympics will end, and politics as usual will return. But, as a reminder of the great volleyball played in Rio, Here’s the final results of all four volleyball disciplines of […]

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Olympics VB Update – Men & Women, Beach & Indoor

Some great volleyball has been played thus far at the 2016 Rio Olympics, and more great volleyball lies ahead Saturday and Sunday. Men’s and Women’s beach has concluded while the Men’s and Women’s indoor play is rising to the crescendo of the Gold Medal matches – Saturday for the Women and Sunday for the Men. […]

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Women’s VB Thunders to the Medals

Well, after a respite of almost two weeks, it’s time for me to return to the writing world. Olympic volleyball is in full throttle now with the preliminaries concluded and the elimination rounds moving forward to the inevitable conclusion of Olympic champions. Let’s look at where the two women’s Olympic volleyball disciplines (indoor and beach) […]

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Gearin Up for the Rio Olympics – Olympics Eve

The first volleyball game was played on July 7, 1886, at Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts. But, volleyball was actually “invented” (if you can invent a sport) about 17 months earlier on February 9, 1885, at Holyoke, Massachusetts.  William G. Morgan, a YMCA Physical Education director, was trying to develop a “less strenuous” alternative to […]

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Gearin Up for Rio – the Paralympic Games

A little over two weeks after the Olympics end on August 21st, the Paralympics will begin on September 7th, also in Rio de Janeiro. These Paralympic games will showcase the sport of sitting volleyball, a great athletic competition that is vastly underappreciated by the sports world at large.               […]

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Gearin Up for the Rio Olympics – Women’s Beach

For the fourth time, the Team USA women’s beach Olympic team will be anchored by Kerri Walsh Jennings. This fantastic volleyball player has won three Olympic Gold medals (2004, 2008, & 2012) in beach volleyball with Misty May-Treanor and wants to add at least one more Gold to her resume.  Any medal will make her […]

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Gearin Up for the Rio Olympics – Men’s Beach

Beach volleyball is its own venue at the Olympics, with a completely separate and totally different qualifying process than the indoor game. The beach game first appeared in the Olympics in 1996 (a mere 20 years ago), and this edition of Olympic beach volleyball will mark the sixth awarding of Olympic medals in the sport.  […]

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Gearin Up for the Rio Olympics – Women Indoor

Team USA women’s volleyball has built some significant momentum as we head into the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Let’s take a look at the last four years for Team USA and how they have performed in the world’s five major volleyball events heading into the Rio Olympics.

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Gearin’ Up for the Rio Olympics – Men Indoor

Team USA men’s volleyball had an early exit from the recent World League competition and did not advance to the Final Four bracket. While this early exit was certainly not a good thing for Team USA, we must remember that it is not the end of the volleyball world. Team USA will regroup and undoubtedly […]

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Serbia captured the 2016 World League with a spectacular performance in the gold medal match resulting  in a 3-0 (25-22, 25-22, & 25-21) victory over top-ranked Brazil.  In the bronze medal match, France topped Italy, also 3-0 (25-23, 25-21, & 25-20). Let’s review the Final Round of the World League and how we arrived at these two medal […]