Analysis of the upcoming conference tournaments

Last week spelled the end of the regular season for the MPSF and MIVA. The brackets for those conference tournaments are now set in stone. Technically, the EIVA’s bracket could still change, but trust me — it won’t. Conference Carolinas actually got their tournament underway last week, and have played down to their championship final. […]

Power rankings for week of 7 April

Eventful week this past. I tried to watch the second match of the Hawaii/BYU double-shot, but the stream was too choppy to follow along. And for once, I know it wasn’t just me having that problem; everyone else following the match on Volleytalk reported the same problems (if they even got that far). It’s disappointing, […]

Conference tournament scenarios

I’ve mostly got the home wifi working now, but I’m typing really slowly right now because I banged up my wrist something fierce falling on the driveway earlier this afternoon. So while there are a few webcasts, there are really no marquee matchups, so I’m going to (gingerly) write up another topic that’s been on […]


Quick set: TNS v3.0, or ‘So we meet again, WordPress’

All righty then. After another semi-forced layoff, we should be back up and running now. New layout looks nice, doesn’t it? The good folks at Bloguin tried to tell me about the move ahead of time, but it seems like they had an old email address of mine on file. So here we are now. […]

Power rankings week of 17 March

Twice this week I tried to write up a livestream only to have my home Wifi crap out on me. So this relative dearth of content hasn't been for lack of trying. We'll try it again this coming week, but first, some rankings. 1. Loyola. Not a whole lot to say about the Ramblers that […]


Putting the ‘world’ in World League

This thing is a mess. As announced last December, the 2014 edition of the World League expands the tournament field to a whopping 28 teams. That's nearly double the number that were involved just two years ago (16). So basically, if you're not in the World League this year, you're nobody. We saw last year […]

Power rankings week of 10 March

Heyo. Hopefully no one was concerned when I didn't post for a week there. I'm fine, just really really busy. Also having some troubles with my home internet connection, so I didn't even try to stream any matches this past week. Maybe I'll try again this coming week. Skipping this post last week was deliberate, […]

Quick set: CIS women’s championship Sunday

Major technical issues, of pretty much every kind, kept me from watching today's action live. I feel bad about that, especially because it ended up being a big day. The first match was between Trinity Western and Regina for fifth place. As I've said before, I'm generally not too interested in the classification playoffs, but […]


Tournament report – CIS men’s volleyball championship, day one

Oh you know it's tournament time. While the ladies and the fellas will both be in action tomorrow and Saturday, today it was the gentlemen's turn to hog the spotlights. Much as I'd like to be, I am not free to simply laze around at home and watch volleyball whenever I'd like, so I wasn't […]

CIS-SIC volleyball championships preview

Did you know it's national championship time? Canadian national championship time! Aw yeah. With apologies to those wanting more NCAA men's coverage, it's going to have to wait, because I am all over this. This week, Canadian Interuniversity Sport (or Sport interuniversitaire canadien to our Francophone friends) crown their national champions in men's and women's […]

Power rankings week of 24 February

It's that time again. Time to assign largely-arbitrary numerical ranks to a pre-determined number of teams. Gee, when you put it like that…. 1. BYU. So this is kind of awkward. I really don't feel that BYU are the best team in the nation. I feel like they're close — very close. Close enough to […]


Where are they now? – CC

  And with this post, we're caught up on the to-date action in the four men's volleyball automatic qualification conferences. People, don't sleep on Conference Carolinas. Will they supply the national champions? No. But is it volleyball well worth watching? Hells yeah. Once again, we visit the teams in alphabetical order. Barton What we expected: […]


Where are they now? – EIVA

Part three comes now. I'll give Conference Carolinas a quick look tomorrow, but by then it'll be time for some matches, I think. Once again, we visit the teams in alphabetical order. George Mason What we expected: A drop-off from their runner-up campaign of 2013, but still contending for a playoff berth. And a patch […]